Sofirash Cream

  • Diaper Rash Treatment & Prevention 
  • Relieves Discomfort 
  • Excellent Repellency 
  • Moisturization 

Product Description

Sofirash Cream is specially formulated to effectively treat and prevent diaper rash in babies. Enriched with a 15% concentration of Zinc Oxide, safe for use from the first month, its excellent repellency ensures lasting protection, even during frequent urination and cases of diarrhoea.


Before application, clean the affected diaper area gently with a syndet bar or mild baby soap, or infant body wash. Pat dry thoroughly. Apply a generous layer of Sofirash Cream onto the diaper area or affected area during each diaper change, ensuring complete coverage. For best results, change diapers promptly and reapply the cream at each change to maintain protection and treatment effectiveness. 

Frequent Asked Questions

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