• Prescription Required: Ensure safe usage under medical guidance. 
  • Potent Ingredient: Contains Isotretinoin (10mg) for effective acne treatment. 
  • Specialized Storage: Store below 30°C for optimal medication potency. 
  • Gentle Application: Take with food to minimize potential side effects. 
  • Acne Solution: Targets severe acne resistant to other treatments. 

Product Description

Resoten 10 Capsule, from KLM Laboratories Pvt Ltd, is a prescription medication leveraging the power of Isotretinoin (10mg) – a potent retinoid derived from vitamin A. Specifically designed for stubborn, severe acne unresponsive to conventional treatments, it offers a targeted solution to promote clearer skin.


Prescribed by your doctor, take Resoten 10 Capsule with food at a consistent time daily. Results may take weeks, so regular use is crucial. Store below 30°C, shielded from direct sunlight, for maximum effectiveness. Potential side effects include dry skin and increased liver enzymes, but consult your doctor if concerns persist. This specialized formulation, with its powerful acne-fighting properties, aims to enhance both skin health and overall confidence.

Frequent Asked Questions

Nevlon Moisturizer is a premium-quality product crafted for all skin types, ensuring consistent radiance and revitalization. Clinically tested, it stands out as a versatile and indulgent skincare solution.

For optimal results, apply generously to cleansed skin. A little goes a long way, ensuring lasting hydration and comfort throughout the day.

Absolutely. Seamlessly incorporate it before other products, allowing each layer to absorb for maximum effectiveness. Customize your routine by combining it with serums or sunscreens for a personalized touch.

Yes, Nevlon Moisturizer is carefully formulated for all skin types. Its lightweight, non-greasy formula ensures a comfortable feel, making it a go-to solution for everyone

Nevlon Moisturizer is not only clinically tested but also boasts a premium-quality formulation. Experience the indulgence of a skincare product that consistently delivers radiance and revitalization, setting it apart as a trusted choice.