KLM-D3 Drops

  • Enhanced Calcium Absorption 
  • Promotes Healthy Growth & Development 
  • Heart Health Boost
  • Joint Health and Flexibility

Product Description

Discover the health-boosting benefits of KLM-D3 Drops, a potent source of Vitamin D3 with an optimal 800 IU concentration. Elevate your well-being as these drops actively contribute to the promotion of overall health, specifically aiding in the development of strong bones and teeth. Make KLM-D3 Drops an integral part of your daily routine for a brighter, healthier you. 


Dosage: Adhering to the recommendations of your healthcare professional is crucial. Administer the appropriate dosage as directed to ensure the effective assimilation of Vitamin D3 into your system. Whether added to a beverage or taken directly, the convenient liquid form of KLM-D3 Drops simplifies integration into your daily routine. 

Prioritize your health with KLM-D3 Drops – a seamless addition to your wellness journey. 

Frequent Asked Questions

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For optimal results, apply generously to cleansed skin. A little goes a long way, ensuring lasting hydration and comfort throughout the day.

Absolutely. Seamlessly incorporate it before other products, allowing each layer to absorb for maximum effectiveness. Customize your routine by combining it with serums or sunscreens for a personalized touch.

Yes, Nevlon Moisturizer is carefully formulated for all skin types. Its lightweight, non-greasy formula ensures a comfortable feel, making it a go-to solution for everyone

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