• Bilastine 40 mg: Potent dosage for robust allergy relief.
  • 10 Tablets: Adequate supply for effective symptom management.
  • Non-Drowsy Formula: Suitable for daily use without sedation.
  • Extended Relief: Provides lasting support against allergic reactions.
  • Rapid Action: Quick onset for prompt relief from symptoms. 

Product Description

HISTABIL 40MG TABLETS feature Bilastine 40 mg, offering robust and extended relief from allergy symptoms. With 10 tablets per pack, it provides an ample supply for effective symptom management. The non-drowsy formula ensures suitability for daily use without causing sedation, and its rapid action provides quick relief. 


Take one tablet of HISTABIL 40MG daily or as directed by a healthcare professional. Completing the full course is recommended for optimal results. Consult with a doctor for personalized advice based on individual health conditions.

Frequent Asked Questions

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