The Corporate Social Responsibility Committee comprises the below two Directors:

    1. Mr. Sohan Dadhich (Chairman)
    2. Mrs. Pinki Dadhich

CSR Policy and Projects approved by the Board

The Company as a responsible corporate citizen has been undertaking CSR initiatives in letter and spirit. While Corporate Social Responsibility was already imbibed in the Company’s value system, with the advent of mandatory provisions of the Companies Act 2013, we have formalized policy structure setting out the areas and forming a guideline for the CSR initiatives, implementation and analysis.

The Corporate Social Responsibility Policy (“CSR Policy”) of KLM Laboratories Private Limited has been formulated by the CSR Committee and approved by the Board of Directors of the company.

This main objective of CSR policy is to make CSR a key business process for sustainable development of the society. The company will act as a good corporate citizen and aims at supplementing the role of Government in enhancing the welfare measures of the society within the framework of its policy.

The company shall spend the CSR amount either directly or Through Implementing Agency having CSR Registration Certificate issued by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. The members of the CSR Committee shall monitor and review the implementation of CSR policy in accordance with the applicable provisions from time to time.

The following is the list of CSR projects or programs which the company plans to undertake pursuant to Schedule VII of the Companies Act, 2013:

    1. Eradicating hunger, poverty and malnutrition, promoting preventive health care and sanitation and making available safe drinking water.
    2. Promoting gender equality, empowering women, setting up homes and hostels for women and orphans; setting up old age homes, day care centers and such other facilities for senior citizens and measures for reducing inequalities faced by socially and economically backward groups.
    3. Ensuring environmental sustainability, ecological balance, protection of flora and fauna, animal welfare, agro forestry, conservation of natural resources and maintaining quality of soil, air and water.
    4. Combating human immune deficiency virus, acquired immune deficiency syndrome, malaria and other diseases.
    5. Other activity covered in schedule VII.

At KLM we believe that service goes beyond than just providing quality, rather it is about offering help to those in need. Our commitment to this belief has made us take in quite a few community developmental causes under our wing.


Activities covered

  • Establishment of RO Plants, bore wells, hand bores.
  • Construction of water tanks and laying out pipelines for domestic consumption.
  • Supply of drinking water and ensure sanitization facilities at schools.
  • Construction of community toilets.


Activities covered

  • Supply of uniforms and stationeries to school children.
  • Providing benches, chairs, computers to schools.
  • Infrastructure development like building classrooms, compound walls, toilets etc.


Activities covered

  • Facilitating with health check-up camps.
  • Supply of medicines.