Why Syndet bars are the best for your skin’s health

Cleansing has always been a common procedure in a skin care routine.

Unfortunately, there are myriad mass produced cleansing options in the market that seem quite promising. But does that mean that their ingredients are suitable to balance the skin’s pH and overall health? Probably not.

This is exactly why, here we discuss one of the most viable and safer options to cleanse skin the right way – Syndet bar soaps.

What are Syndet bars?

Syndet is the combination of the words Synthetic and Detergent. These bars of soap are made using synthetic surfactants and fatty alcohols which are derived from natural oils. The USP of the product is most definitely its ability to have an acidic pH which is similar to that of the skin.  

Additionally, that also have a chemically adjustable pH.

Fig.  scale indicating skin’s pH levels

The difference between traditional soaps and syndet bars

To give you a better perspective on just how much of a great option syndet’s are, here’s a brief comparison between them and traditional ones.

Soaps Syndet
More Alkaline Completely soap free and Alkali free
Leads to skin drying Preserves TEWL, doesn’t dries skin.
Clog pores Doesn’t clog pores
Impairs acid mantle & barriers function Protects acid mantle & barriers function
Damages the skin Protects the skin
pH is between 8 to 11 pH is 5.5
May lead to allergic cutaneous reaction Hypoallergenic
Irritates sensitive skin Suitable for all types of skin

Hence, with this its clear that syndets perform better and more effectively in keeping the skin free of irritations and sensitivity unlike its traditional counterpart.